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The Ultimate Tool for Developers Creating Multilingual Software

PTC allows businesses to translate software instantly and almost for free

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Built for Developers

PTC is a product created by developers and for developers. We’ve been creating multilingual software for over a decade and we know what we like and what we absolutely hate.

Do any of these bother you?

Slow response time while waiting for translations

Fear of making last minute changes (the horrid strings freeze)

Agonizing back and forth between developers and translators

Surprisingly high charges

Would you rather see this?

Send updates to translation from your code repository or editor and receive translations (immediately) as merge requests

Let your reviewers work on the product

Pay a simple flat fee and use as much as you want

Great Translation, Instantly and Efficiently

PTC relies on a combination of high-end AI translation and convenient human review. When you update your code, PTC automatically updates your translations and delivers them into your code base.

PTC’s review process makes life easy for your developers and reviewers. Instead of going through a list of meaningless strings, your reviewers will go through the translated product. When they notice something wrong, they quickly change just that text.

Simple, Fixed,
Affordable Pricing

PTC gives you unlimited usage for a low fixed fee. Create as many projects as you want, translate as much as you want and don’t worry about charges.



Unlimited number of strings

Unlimited AI translation

Unlimited translation rounds

Unlimited projects

All features included

Pay a low price per user per month – no commitments

Coming soon…

Integrated with Your Website

With PTC, you can translate everything, including your Website. And, if your Website is on WordPress, PTC offers translation-memory integration. This means that whatever terminology you use on your website will be consistent in your software products.

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